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““Being in /dev/color effectively pushed me to make more progress on my long-term career goals than I otherwise would have.””

– Alyse Dunn,,/dev/color member

““It’s great having a sounding board as I navigate my career and I enjoy serving as one to my squadmates, too.””

– Alan Johnson,,/dev/color member

““/dev/color has accelerated my professional trajectory by connecting me to people who’ve been where I want to be.””

– Pascal Carole,,/dev/color member

““Finding one mentor is difficult, finding two is like hitting the jackpot, so having an entire squad of ‘mentors’ is amazing.””

– KAmadu Durham,,/dev/color member

“For me, /dev/color is really about empowerment, and making sure I have the tools necessary to succeed at my job. I would not be where I am in my career without/dev/color.”

Andrew Overton,VP of Engineering learn in

“What /dev/color provides in the tech ecosystem, is first and foremost, community. It can be really lonely when you’re the only one in the room all the time. To have that support from other people who may be going through the same thing makes such a huge difference.”

Aneesha Raines,Head of Engineering o(1) labs

“If you’re not comfortable with networking, /dev/color is a great place to get started. It’s really hard to find people in our community in the industry because we’re spread out and there’s very few of us. You realize you have a lot of shared experiences with a lot of people.”

Darva Satcher,Director of Engineering Gitlab

“/dev/color has been my home base in many ways for the past six years. I’ve worked for four different companies and the whole time I’ve had my squad and A* family, really whole /dev/color community to back me up.”

Alan Johnson,Head of Data office branch

“Being a Black woman in technology, there’s not very many people like me in my field. /dev/color gives me the ability to connect with other Black technologists, not only in New York, but in places like Atlanta and San Francisco, and it makes me feel like I’m not alone.”

Alexa Valle Burguete,CTO Pactfi